“Jim has been managing my rental properties for over three years. It has been my experience that Jim: 1) Obtains qualified new tenants without interruption in rent; 2) Promptly and economically addresses property maintenance; 3) Makes every effort to maximize cash flow; and 4) Offers sound advice and recommendations. I look forward to continuing to work with Jim in the future.” – Rick Waidley

“As out-of-state owners of a rental property in San Diego, Mission Center Properties has been the perfect solution for our needs. We had always managed our own properties, but we needed someone on-site to take care of the things we used to do ourselves. They have more than lived up to our expectations. They produced a quality ad with pictures of the property and quickly found a tenant at a very good rental amount. Their monthly reporting services are prompt and accurate. When any issue arises, they handle it quickly and professionally. We feel completely confident in Mission Center Properties’ handling of our property. We highly recommend them to anyone seeking a property manager who will look out for their interests and will provide the best possible management services. ” – John & Mariley Ferens

“It is with great pleasure that I provide a testimonial letter on behalf of Jim Schlesinger as a person and professional. I was given Jim’s name over 5 years ago by an acquaintance at my then employment. I was remarrying and planned to move from my townhome to my husband’s home. That is where Jim took over. With the state of the real estate market at the time I wanted to keep my townhome and find a good renter. Jim advertised, interviewed and checked on potential renters. He found a perfect family to rent my home. They have been there ever since. Jim and his assistant Erica take care of everything. They collect the rent and direct deposit it on the same day each month without fail. When something needs to be repaired they let me know what needs to be done before it happens They make all the arrangements and pay the repair bill out of a fund that is set aside. I have never met the family that are renting and that is fine. Jim has my total confidence in taking care of it all.” – Ann Kemp

“Jim is an extremely personable individual; caring; accommodating and patient. He is always available to respond to HOA and to me personally. I am extremely satisfied with his service and would not hesitate to recommend him to others.” – Michael Sitto

“Jim Schlesinger has managed my condominium for over five years. As an out-of-state owner, I take comfort in knowing that Jim will handle issues that come-up with my property. Repairs and tenant concerns are handled quickly and economically. Jim’s client relationship skills are fantastic. I would highly recommend Jim and Mission Center Realty for your property management needs.” – John Bruce

“I am happy and satisfied with Jim’s service as property manager for following reasons
Jim is very honest. Excellent documentation and record keeping and follow up to resolve any issues. I would strongly recommend him for others. In fact I did recommend him to my brother in law.” – Ramzi Jamma

“The purpose of this letter is to formally and publicly praise James Schlesinger for the excellent Property Services that he has provided to me for the past 5 years. In my opinion, the level of service that James Schlesinger extended to our family investments was far beyond our expectations. I have never before written a letter like this however, in this case I was so impressed by the support and service provide by James Schlesinger and his team of associates and specialists that I felt compelled to go on record with my praise. He truly deserves it. In an era where exceptional one-to-one communications and service is of excellence has virtually disappeared from our industry, the work that James Schlesinger and his team do should be held up as an example for others to try to emulate.” – Robert Tellez

“Mission Center Properties takes all the worries out of rental property ownership including monitoring property condition, screening tenants, collecting rents etc. As an owner the only thing I have to worry about is how to spend the rental income.” – Gary Burrows

“I have worked with Jim Schlesinger in several areas of real estate. He was a broker in both the buying and selling of several pieces of real estate, and in managing some of my rental units. He is extremely savvy, conscientious, forthright, and the consummate professional. He stays in touch with you in all matters, discusses all options and their potential implications, and when managing my rentals he was prompt and professional with money, monthly reports, you name it. Jim made me feel as if I mattered and the success of our business together mattered to him too. I cannot say enough good things about how pleased I was with our working relationship in all aspects of our real estate dealings. Again, he is the consummate professional! ” – Jim Bachelor

“Jim Schlesinger was one of several property managers I met with when I first decided to rent out my home. Before I met him, I was certain the large/corporate company would be a better fit for me, but I was wrong. Jim is a hands-on manager and I could tell he really cares about finding the right tenants and keeping my costs down. He is organized, efficient, and the EOY tax statements he provides are great. If it weren’t for the check I get in the mail each month, I would forget I even owned a rental property (knocking on wood now)!” – Sharla Lane

“Mission Center Property Management took a very bad situation I was in, and made it a “win-win” situation. MCP quickly leased my property for more than I expected; minor things needing repair in my property were taken care of for minimal cost to me. I highly recommend Mission Center Properties; you will not be disappointed.” – George Gavitt

“In all my years, I have never met a more competent professional. Someone who pays such attention to detail and can execute a plan without a hitch. Jim is a professional with genuine consideration for his clients. He’s got a natural talent for juggling multiple catastrophes without a bead of sweat. He’s extremely knowledgeable in all areas of real estate. He is proactive in all matters that arise and shows results instantly. I had some serious issues with my property before I met Jim and in no time at all he was able to turn it all around. His pleasant demeanor and professionalism is greeted with much respect by all our tenants. I am confident I will be using him for all future real estate ventures. Having Jim handle the property was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. ” – Chea Moon

“Mission Center Properties manages several rental properties for me in San Diego. Over the past several years my vacancy rate has been less than 1%. Repairs are completed on time and for a reasonable cost. Jim is always on top of any issues with the properties before they become a concern. In my assessment Jim has been a major success by keeping my rental customer satisfaction high. Thank you for your dedication and support.” – Tom Geoffrey